Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aqdeh #1

The big day finally arrived, and we completed our first roof / slab pour (or Aqdeh) without any glitches. The excitement was palpable at the site, and by the time the concrete arrived around 1pm we were all anxious to begin. Below are the photos from the days' activities, which culminated in a (well-deserved) traditional Mansaf meal with the crew:

(concrete pump truck arrives and begins the pour)
(crew member directing the B300 strength concrete along the main beams first)
(electric wire conduits for future electric lines are poured into the slab)
(the stairs are poured)
(crew vibrating the concrete into the beams and ribs, while foreman discusses next area with pump operator)
(another one for the "Not-OSHA" files: banging on the mixer from the inside with a hammer ... while it's spinning)
(almost done with this quadrant, with extra concrete being handed down to the worker on the stairs)
(foreman directing traffic)
(starting to smooth-out the concrete on completed areas)
(finishing out completed areas)
(finishing out completed areas)
(more than half-way through)
pouring concrete onto the inverted beam)
(the crew posing after seeing me with a camera)
(finished product)
The pour took around 4 hours, although it should have been completed in 2.5 hours. The main delay was caused by delays in the concrete mixers arriving, and apparently concrete schedules are notorious for these sorts of slides.

We poured 79 cubic meters, the slab was 32 centimeters thick over an approximate area of 380 square meters. Now we need to spray the slab with water twice a day for three days, and leave the support jacks in place for 10-14 days (depending on the temperature and humidity) and we've got ourselves a roof slab.

Next up, starting work on the columns and load-bearing walls: forms, steel and concrete all over again in order to prepare for the more-extensive stone-work that will be part of this next (and all future) floor(s). We also have the insulation to complete under the future gardens and more fill to import after we build the retaining walls along the sides of the property.

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