Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Office Arrives

We bought a shipping container and had it delivered to the site yesterday. It's 2.5 meters x 6 meters, and we'll partition a small section for a guard shack and the rest for site office with the help of a blacksmith and some insulation and sheet rock. Below are the photos of the delivery:

 (driver had to back all the way into the future road above the site)

  (not much room to maneuver)

(driver climbing onto container to hook up the chain)

 (turning it for proper orientation)

 (unloading complete)

(this is where I'll spend a lot of my time over the next 18 months)

We paid 7,000 NIS for the container, including delivery, and will probably spend another 3,000 NIS on the blacksmith and 5,000-7,000 NIS on the interior finishing, putting the whole thing at around $4,700, or $260/month on office + guard shack rent if we use it for 18 months. Not to mention that we'll use it again on the next project, or sell it for somewhere around 12,000-15,000 NIS if demand remains anything close to what it is today.

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nathan_w_h said...

Hi Faris - nice blog and what an incredible adventure. Congratulations and good luck. -Nathan